Environmental Stewardship


At SAMsARA, we continually look for ways to exercise our environmental stewardship, in every aspect of our business.  From our energy and packaging choices to our water usage and farming practices, we feel morally obligated to responsibly use and protect the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.


Our Goleta Winery and our Los Olivos Tasting Room are both powered by 100% solar power, greatly reducing our overall consumption of non-renewable fuels and the carbon footprint of our operations.

By using 100% solar energy to power our winery and tasting rooms, we hope to encourage others to join the battle against global warming and help reduce the world’s dependence on sources of non-renewable energy. We love being able to say our wine is truly solar!


Reduced Packaging – We continually look for way to reduce the amount of packaging we use in our operations. A recent example of this is our choice to eliminate foil capsules from the necks of our wine bottles.  Historically used to help protect bottles from insects and other vermin that might be tempted to nibble at the corks, there is really no purpose for a foil capsule these days. 

Reused Packaging – We encourage our guests to reuse their wine tote bags by holding a monthly contest.  Bring in any reusable tote to take your wine home and you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize!

Recycled & Recyclable Packaging – Keeping your wine safe in transit is serious business, but the days of using petroleum based (plastic) shipping inserts are over!  Our wine shippers are made from 71% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.  And, of course, our wine bottles are 100% recyclable.  Further, all of the wine corks we pull in our tasting rooms and personal lives are either reused in art or architecture or recycled into new cork products!

prudent water usage


Most people don’t know that water is one our most precious natural resources. While only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh, only 1% of it is suitable for human consumption. So making really prudent use of the water that is piped into our facilities is super important.

Using less water in our winemaking diverts less water from our rivers, reduces water and wastewater treatment needs and also the amount of energy used to treat and pump that water. The environmental benefits of wise water usage are complex and wide ranging.

We are committed to the careful use of each drop of fresh water we use.

Colson Canyon Vineyard in Sta. Rita Hills


Winegrowing at SAMsARA starts with selecting special sections within each vineyard where soils, altitudes, slopes, and elevations will bring the best out of the vine. We believe that all of the important work should be done in the vineyard, with little handling or manipulation of the fruit once it reaches the winery.

Over our history, we have continually sought to increase the amount of fruit we source from organically farmed vineyards, with the goal of using 100% organic fruit by 2023. As of 2022, we are very close to achieving our goal.