Things to do in/near Los Olivos


Looking for something “adventurous” to do next time you are visiting our tasting room in Los Olivos? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do in/near Los Olivos for your next visit to California wine country.

Olive Oil Tasting

Named in 1887 after the large ranch of olive trees nearby, Los Olivos still has a thriving olive oil industry to this day. Many growers in the area invite travelers to their ranches and tasting rooms to enjoy their homemade artisanal olive oils. Whether you prefer yours Extra Virgin or infused with delectable ingredients like garlic, rosemary or blood orange there are a multitude of growers and tasting rooms near Los Olivos for you to find your favorite.

Click Here for our list of Olive Oil Tastings near our SAMsARA Tasting Room. Enjoy!

Wildflowers on Figueroa Mountain

Every year thousands of people flock to Figueroa Mountain to marvel at the wildflowers that bloom during Spring here. “Superblooms” (when all the wildflowers suddenly come to life and the entire mountainside is covered in their vivid colors) are also known to occur when temperatures and rainfall are at their most optimal. Stay tuned to the Los Padres Forest page on the U.S. Forest Service’s website to keep up to date for the perfect time to come see the wildflowers in all their glory. 

Cold Spring Tavern

Established in 1886, the Cold Spring Tavern was built to serve the travelers making their way from Santa Barbara to the more rural areas in the Santa Ynez Mountains. It has remained in continuous operation since its opening and is truly a living piece of the Old West. Visit this unique spot for a taste of California’s rich history, as well as amazing BBQ & drinks.

Cycling & Hiking

Enjoy year-round hiking and cycling on one of the many trails that surround the Santa Ynez Mountains and Santa Barbara. Visit Grass Mountain Trailhead a moderately difficult hike with stunning and scenic views of wildflowers and the surrounding areas. Sedgwick Reserve is a nature reserve tucked away under the San Rafael Mountains. Being a nature reserve, public hiking is only permitted during certain times of the month so check on the reserve’s website before heading down for a hike.

Chumash Casino Resort

Located just 5 miles from Solvang, the Chumash Casino Resort is owned and operated by the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians. Enjoy over 90,000 square feet of gaming at this world-class resort & casino. Featuring slots, bingo, and a plethora of Vegas-style table games, Chumash Casino & Resort is a great place for adults to unwind after a long day of wine tasting.  

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