Zotovich Vineyard in Sta. Rita Hills


Zotovich is a very special and unique vineyard for SAMsARA as we make both Syrah and Chardonnay from their 35 acre parcel in the Sta. Rita Hills.

Not many vineyards on Earth are able to grow both Syrah and Chardonnay in such close quarters as successfully as Zotovich Vineyard. As you can imagine, the Syrah from this vineyard comes in with bright acidity, relatively low sugar levels and makes a beautiful Northern Rhone inspired wine. The Chardonnay from Zotovich is mineral-driven, broad on the palate and incredibly complex in character. The common thread between our Zotovich Vineyard Chardonnay and Syrah is the subtlety and elegance of both wines, which still give generously on the palate with their flavor and texture.

A little history…

Zotovich vineyard was planted in the late 90s almost exclusively to Italian varietals, and grafted over to Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay and Voignier shortly after Steve Zotovich purchased the property in 2004. It is rumored that he signed the deed on the day Sideways was released! Pretty smart business move on his part. The vineyard sits right in the middle of the Northern Sta. Rita Hills and has a Southeasterly exposure. The diatomaceous earth and sandy loam soils at Zotovich create intense, mineral-driven wines that our winemaker Matt Brady is delighted to work with year after year. The bright blue skies and oak tree dotted hills seen from this picturesque location bring a calming feel to this meticulously farmed vineyard.

SAMsARA wines from Zotovich Vineyard

We hope you will keep and eye out for the 2017 single vineyard Zotovich Chardonnay and Syrah which will be released later this year. And before then we invite you to take a trip back to an easier time and pick up a bottle of perfectly cellared and ready-to-drink 2013 or 2015 Zotovich Syrah. The 2013 is also available along with the rest of the 2013 red varietal gang in our current Library 6-pack. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our wines from this exceptional vineyard!