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What Is Terroir and Is It Important?

While the literal English translation of the French word is “land”, the true meaning encompasses much more than the soil in which grapevines are grown.  Today, terroir is most often associated with the full range...
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Pandemic Silver Linings

As life starts to move forward and the world begins to cautiously open up after the unprecedented circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, many avenues of life will resemble time before 2020. We’ve already started...
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BBQ Wine Pairing

Ultimate Guide to BBQ Wine Pairing Although pairing wines with barbeque can seem like a daunting task it is still quite simple. Follow these recommendations to find the perfect wine pairings to enhance your cookout....
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Are Santa Barbara Wineries Open?

Wineries in Santa Barbara County are OPEN for in-person tasting operations  with no restrictions. Indoor and outdoor tasting at 100% capacity To ensure you enjoy a relaxed tasting experience with us, we will still allow...
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