Pandemic Silver Linings

As life starts to move forward and the world begins to cautiously open up after the unprecedented circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, many avenues of life will resemble time before 2020. We’ve already started to see many of you making your way back into our tasting rooms and has been a pleasure to see your smiles, give thanks for your time, and celebrate our new vintages with each of you who support our vision behind the grape.  As we evaluate what the new “normal” should look like, we think it is important to take some let us take time to consider the positive shifts that took place in our lives, habits, and businesses. 
    Picnics Our first pandemic “keeper” is taking greater advantage of our newfound practice of picnicking, not only local parks and beaches, but also at our tasting rooms!  Born of temporary restaurant closures and the need to get out of the house, more people than ever have chosen to BYOPicnic at both our Goleta and Los Olivos locations.  And it makes complete sense!  Our food friendly wines and “lighter to heavier” tasting menu structures are the perfect complement to a light lunch or a simple charcuterie assortment and fresh baked baguette.  Just make a tasting reservation, bring your food, and get ready for an excellent tasting experience.   It Takes A Village If there is one important detail that was broadcast to the world during 2020, it is that we are not meant to do this “life” thing alone. From essential workers and teachers to family members thousands of miles away, community is essential while living in modern time. As the hustle and bustle begins to pick up, let’s carry with us the perspective of appreciation to each passerby who does their part in keeping our society afloat and running smoothly. Let us remember to give thanks to the often overlooked support we give one another and keep in keeping in mind that a high tide raises all ships. Get Outside, Stay Outside With lots of new-found time on our hands, most of us made our way into outside. Something as simple as a walk around the block became medicinal for stress, even a necessity in routine. Feeling the sun warm our skin reminded us of days from childhood and the color yellow. Time spent outside prompts minutes to slow down, welcoming perfect opportunities for friendly encounters with neighbors we don’t see as often as we’d like. Similarly, outdoor dining began as a creative fix in effort to help restaurants stay afloat and keep customers as safe as possible. What seemed like a temporary adjustment, has in fact reminded us how refreshing gathering outdoors can be! Fresh air and sunshine are mood-enhancers that have positive effects on the nervous-system and bodily functions leading to relaxation. Not to mention, the Earth is our home and we can’t help but be drawn to its subtle wonders. Moving forward, we’ll do our part to keep our outdoor patios as comfortable as possible to meet your needs and continue to embrace this wonderful shift in practice. Provisions To-Go Economic revisions have gone under consideration in work places everywhere. Companies are asking themselves, “How can we best re-envision our company to provide quality service to our customer base, economically and sustainably?” This hits close to home for us at SAMsARA many of you, our loyal customers, switched to home-delivery of their wine. Not only does it ease the pressure of making time for a visit to the tasting room to acquire each seasonal shipment, it also supports small businesses like ours by cutting out the middle men (distributors and retailers) allowing room for us to work even more closely with our consumers. It doesn’t stop there, independent delivery services have become widely popular as life schedules continue to fill up more quickly. Ordering to-go directly from your neighborhood winery or bar supports the new-found momentum of sustainability and adds relief to those who are constantly on the “go”.  Support Small Yet another beautiful revelation around the globe was a chance for honest vulnerability. Families trying to make ends meet shared their stories on the difficulties small and local businesses faced threatening millions of people’s livelihoods. As the world had come to a halt overnight, the awareness to support local businesses grew. By supporting a small/locally owned business, you are backing individuals who are more accountable for their communities, have a much smaller carbon-footprint than large corporations, and lastly, put food on the table for a local family. Creative minds, large hearts, and hardworking hands reward the world by taking the time to give back to their communities with inspiration to provide quality services/products to their neighborhoods. Be Kind to Yourself Each day we try our best with what we have, though keep in mind that each day our “best” looks different. On some days, we may feel like we can conquer the world, while other days we may only be able to conquer our cup of coffee. Both are okay. To be human is to experience emotions both positive and negative while exploring multiple perspectives. Eventually, this leads to greater compassion and authenticity that spreads through our kindness to one another, because hey, we’ve all been “there” before. Yet, it is quite easy to overlook our own needs. While many wear multiple hats, there is often a case of over-extending ourselves with personal expectations. Next time you wake up and find your mind racing or have a full day planned with a half-hearted to-do list, remember to be kind to yourself. Let’s remember to allow ourselves space to change our minds and run with our whims on occasion. It’s good for the spirit. Throw your expectations out of the window and go have that glass of wine because you deserve it. All of this to say, let our philosophies evolve along with the times. Together we can reevaluate definitions and promote the highest good for one another by continuing to fill our own cups (maybe even have them delivered on occasion), check in on one another, support your communities, and keep a perspective of gratitude in the days to come knowing that change is inevitable and sometimes for the best. By Bailey Mann Goleta Tasting Room Associate